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A little frustrated and needing to vent...

 So, when I first got engaged, I asked one of my closest guy friends to stand on my side with me.  It was REALLY important to me that he be able to be there, because he's very important to me, was my roomate for awhile, and is just someone I really care about.  From the get-go, he was kind of...uninterested in any wedding stuff when I would talk to him about it.  No big deal really, I am doing most of the planning on my own...but I kind of got an off feeling about all of it.

About a month and a half ago, he told me he wasn't going to make it to the wedding.  Which is the end of next month.  He had apparently not been able to get the time off from work...which bugs me, since he knew about the wedding for nearly a year.  2 1/2 months out and he had to cancel...upsetting and frustrating, but hey, in this economy, I don't begrudge anyone having to struggle to keep their job.  HIs excuse was one of his co-workers is going out of town for several months, and they can't spare him for a few days.

We're both part of a global Role playing organization, and we have conventions several times a year.  There just happens to be one the weekend after my wedding (planned after my wedding - not my fault, honest!)  Several of our friends who SWORE up and down they would be at the wedding are forgoing it for the convention (sometimes I think it is time to rethink my friends.)  Today, on an e-mail list, he made a comment about seeing friends at this con, the weekend after my wedding...

I kind of had a sneaking suspicion this was going to be the case.  He would ditch out on my wedding to go to a gaming convention.  But it still hurts my feelings...people who were friends who were supposed to be there, oh well...I can live.  But he was supposed to be my attendant, and he was supposed to be there for me.  I guess I'm not really mad at him, perse...It's just frustrating when sharing something big with me is less important then a weekend of drinking and debauchery.  Is that horribly bridezilla of me?

I don't know what to do at this point.  Do I confront him now and talk to him about it, or wait until after the wedding when I am less likely to get all crazy on his ass?  It doesn't matter what I say, he won't be there, and I don't want to guilt him into something he obviously doesn't want to do.  Or, I suppose I could just leave it as it is and try to not think about it...but, I'm a dweller, there will be no closure for me unless I go get it.

Argh!  So frustrated!

Wedding Dress

So this isn't really a rant...but I mentioned it before in my post a few months ago that I have been feeling insecure about my wedding dress choice because my dad's family and my fiance's family didn't like my choice (too simple). It made me feel terrible because I really like(d?) my dress and thought I looked good in it. I'm a big girl and it's hard to look good in anything, but I felt positively glowing when I bought the dress.

So I tried it on last week. It doesn't fit. Or at least, I can zip it up, but I can't breathe. I don't get it. I weigh the same as the day I bought it...I swear!!! But it is so tight I feel like I can barely breathe. *Sigh* Can this get worse? No one likes my dress and I am going to look like a sausage squeezed into it. I have just been obsessing about this. I immediately started dieting again and I'm trying to reassure myself since I still have 10 weeks to go, but I am just freaking out. I feel terrible about my choice. How can I regain that glowing, ecstatic feeling? Maybe lose ten pounds? Oh it's going to be tough over the holidays!

THEN!!!! My fiance's family sent a probably well-meaning email about how they don't think Macy's is a good place for us to have registered (we also picked Bed, Bath, and Beyond), but we MAY register at Target if we would like. They let us know they won't shop at Macy's because it's too "upscale" even though literally 90% of everything we registered for at both stores is $25-30 or less. Are they allowed to dictate where we register? We got upset and wrote back an email that made them upset. It just seemed really rude of them. So everyone was unhappy. Great.
So I'm going to be a fat bride. I've been trying to lose weight (and I lost 40 pounds last year) but have not been successful more recently. But I'm really starting to get tired of my FMIL asking me every time she sees me, "Have you lost any more weight yet?" and "Are you sure you should eat that?" for every meal we share with them. What else I am I going to eat if we are eating with them? It's silly, but not at the same time. My FH's family are all very petite people..and well...I'm not. Then I picked out my dress at David's Bridal: a wonderful, totally fun experience until some of his family members looked at the pictures of the already purchased dress and started saying, "Is that the best she could do?". It's stupid, but it was crushing. I loved the dress...it's very, very simple though (small wedding), and now I feel insecure about it.


-- As of last Friday, I'm Married!!!!! Because of this, I am going to be leaving all wedding planning communities as soon as I am able to make my picture/review post. That includes this community.

However, I am the creator/sole maintainer of this one and will need to appoint another person so I can leave the community. Ideally, I want someone who is (or was at one point) active in this community.

Any takers?

I realize it's sort of a dead community at the moment, but it's worth a shot.

"But we're paying for it!"

Ok, so the guest list for our wedding is at about 125 people. At the chapel we've chosen, the difference between 100 people and 125 people is about $650. So my mother wants to cut costs (understandably, I'm not upset about a smaller wedding, it has already gotten bigger than I wanted) and decided we'll cut the guest list.

My parents (really just my mother) have by far the most guests invited, followed by my fiance's parents, and then my fiance and I. My mother wants US to cut some of our friends to bring the cost down. I pointed out to her that SHE has the most guests invited (people I don't even *know*) and why should I have to take my FRIENDS off the guest list, and oh by the way, it's not her wedding.

And then she said it. "But we're paying for it!"

I'm so frustrated. It's our wedding and we want the people we know and like to be there. I don't care if these people my mother knows are there.

Anyway. Advice??? How do I deal with this?

wedding gifts

Dear Guest,
You do not have to get us a gift if we invite you to the wedding, we just want you there.  If you do feel compelled to send us a gift that's fine but we registered for things for a reason, be it that the item was made in the USA or we like the color or whatever.  If you find it necessary to buy us something on the registry from a different store (that had already been purchased) for the love of god don't take all the tags off!
Thank you the Bride and Groom

My new husband and I are currently facing a mound (ok just a few) of duplicate gifts that have all the tags removed so we don't know where they came from and when we do figure it out stores are reluctant to accept a return.  and I really don't get why everyone has to get you something with with your names and wedding date on it.  I've got several picture frames, an afghan, and two plates all with our names and wedding date on them, do people not think these are things I'd like to choose for myself?  or at least would only like one of!