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wedding gifts

Dear Guest,
You do not have to get us a gift if we invite you to the wedding, we just want you there.  If you do feel compelled to send us a gift that's fine but we registered for things for a reason, be it that the item was made in the USA or we like the color or whatever.  If you find it necessary to buy us something on the registry from a different store (that had already been purchased) for the love of god don't take all the tags off!
Thank you the Bride and Groom

My new husband and I are currently facing a mound (ok just a few) of duplicate gifts that have all the tags removed so we don't know where they came from and when we do figure it out stores are reluctant to accept a return.  and I really don't get why everyone has to get you something with with your names and wedding date on it.  I've got several picture frames, an afghan, and two plates all with our names and wedding date on them, do people not think these are things I'd like to choose for myself?  or at least would only like one of!


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Mar. 21st, 2008 08:50 pm (UTC)
At least you're getting things off your registry. My mother always *always* buys other things for people, things on sale, and never puts in a receipt and gets the sticker off if she can (heaven forbid someone see how much she paid).

Also, she has the bad habit of buying people Christmas decorations because, as she says, "Everyone buys them towels and things, but people like decorations too!" She does not understand not everyone celebrates Christmas or likes Christmas decorations if they do celebrate it.

Anyway, while it sucks that you're getting duplicate gifts, it could be worse! :-)
Mar. 22nd, 2008 02:21 am (UTC)
actually one duplicate was really nice, we got two stand mixers (Huh?) so we were able to return one and get our curtains and some other things that we needed ASAP but one of them was crazy...
We registered for all made in the US towels because that important to us and we didn't register for much because we knew items were a little pricer thinking that maybe people would get us a towel instead of a whole set. one of hubby's aunts got us all three sets of towels from Wal-mart and took ALL the tags off, including the sewn in bar code.
Mar. 23rd, 2008 11:33 pm (UTC)
I feel you here. We hardly had anything bought off our registry (I think 3 people out of 100 actually bought stuff from it). We got two crock pots (we already have one we never use) and no clue where they came from. We got a really nice BBQ grill which would be wonderful, except we are renting and living in apartments so his mom (who bought it for us) will have to keep it for the next 9 months or so anyway until I finish graduate school and can buy a house possibly. I know I always try to buy things off the registry and it was sort of dissapointing because we really wanted some of those items. We did get a lot of cash though, but that will probably go towards bills instead of buying us the items we registered for. And we do have a lot of items we didn't register for or need. But what can we do? Hope you are able to return some of them and get some items you really want or need :)
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